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An orchid fairytale


The clouds are lifting, the wind is easing and the sun is regaining its customary bite as Sprinter reaches its zenith.  The photographs of the fireworks of native flowers exploding throughout the mid- and south-west light up my social media feeds. It’s seemed like a wet winter, although we’ve only had average rainfall. Winters are like this now, our recent collective memory already views as normal what will become statistically average as the climate here becomes drier and drier.  More>>

The unbearable sight of the weeding


Weeds are sometimes described as plants that are in the wrong place. It’s a benign description, reminiscent of when your mum comes to visit and puts the plates away in the wrong cupboard. Just a quick little tidy up after she leaves will restore the natural order of things. If only it was as simple with weeds.

How to explain a northern quoll?


The conversation goes something like this:

ME: I’m heading up to the Pilbara to volunteer on a research project on northern quolls.

OTHER PERSON: Oh yeah, sounds great. What’s a northern quoll? More>>

Granite and dry cold air: first impressions of the Pilbara


The sun is low on the eastern horizon. I am flying, it seems, over a dinosaur’s graveyard. The vertebrae rise up from the earth as if the herd were buried all at once as they roamed across the landscape, caught in some ancient cataclysm. Over time just their spines have remained exposed. Others seem to have fallen on their sides, the gaps between their ribs cast with deep shadow while the bones themselves are golden with the light.  More>>

Discovering the sublime in the nature on our doorstep


When environmental scholar and writer George Seddon arrived in Perth after more than six years living overseas he wrote that he felt cheated. ‘The country was all wrong.’ This was not the Australia of his childhood memory, spent in the fern-tree gullies and on the high plains of Victoria.  More>>

Telling stories of science and conservation with heart


With the World Science Fair held in Brisbane in March, the visit of Alan Alda from the Alda Center for Communicating Science, and the first-ever all-scientist panel on ABC’s Q&A, it seemed that science and its importance to all of our lives had well and truly arrived in the public’s imagination.

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