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If the Kardashians were endangered plants (Part 2)


In this, the second post on my thought-experiment on which species the Kardashians would be if they were endangered plants, I turn my attention to the Kardashian brother, the Jenner sisters and Caitlyn Jenner. And in this episode, they’re all Australian endangered species. More>>

If the Kardashians were endangered plants (Part 1)


In the first few months of 2017, the media reported on two species that had been ‘rediscovered’ in parts of Australia where they had not been seen for decades. The first species was thought to have been extinct for two centuries, so finding it again on the south-west fringe of the nation’s largest city was indeed momentous. Yet the discovery was kept from the media for some months until an infrastructure project slated for the site gained federal approval. The modest media coverage that followed focussed as much on allegations of government staff being told to “keep it quiet” until the project was approved as it did on how excited scientists were to find a species thought long-extinct.  More>>

A tribe for the uncharismatic


On 30 May 2014, a small brown lizard died alone in her cage on a remote island.  The island was often in the news around this time but the media’s attention lay elsewhere, focussed on the detention of people rather than on this seemingly unremarkable lizard.  Yet Gump, as this lizard was known, was in all likelihood the last Christmas Island forest skink. Her death heralded the extinction of her species. Five years earlier, the last Christmas Island pipistrelle, a tiny brown bat with a squashed-up face and black mustard seeds for eyes, also died a mostly unmourned death.    More>>

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