Freelance Science Writer & Editor
Freelance Science Writer, Perth Australia 

I’m a freelance science writer and editor who specialises in ecology, conservation and the environment

I write about nature, conservation, people and place, and how science can help guide us towards a future where the needs of both the human and non-human world are met in the landscapes we share.

I also work with science publishers, science communicators, universities and conservation organisations to create content for print and digital media. I've written for Nature Research Partnership and Custom Media, Stem Matters, Bush Heritage Australia, The Society for Ecological Restoration Australasia and Curtin University.

My writing is informed by deep experience in environmental research. I'm a PhD-trained ecologist and I spent the better part of two decades pondering the inner lives of plants and their relationships with each other and the soil they grow in. I've also done stints in national park management and environmental policy. You can see my career history and a list of my academic publications here.

I live in Perth in the south-west of Western Australia, home to some of the most extraordinary and diverse plant life on the planet. Over the years my work has taken me to the mulga lands, brigalow belt and rainforests of Queensland, the monsoon vine forests of the Northern Territory, the eucalypt woodlands of south-west Western Australia, along the Ningaloo coastline and to the deep gorges of the Pilbara.

See my portfolio to view my work, or find out more about the writing and editing services that I provide.

Email me to discuss how we can work together to share your research.
Science Writer and Editor Perth Australia
Viki Cramer   PhD BSc
Freelance science writer specialising in ecology and the environment.
Ecologist - Science Communicator - Editor
Perth, Australia
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