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Freelance Science Writer, Perth Australia 

I’m a freelance writer and editor with deep experience in ecology and environmental science

I write and edit for a range of purposes and audiences, including popular magazine articles, research reports, web content and scientific manuscripts.

I work with scientists to help them share their research in a meaningful and accessible way with both their peers and the broader community, without losing the precision of the science.

I’ve always been fascinated by the complexity and beauty of the natural world and our place within it. This led me to a PhD in plant ecophysiology and then a career in ecological research, as well as a couple of stints in national park management.

My work has taken me to the mulga lands, brigalow belt and rainforests of Queensland, the monsoon vine forests of the Northern Territory, the eucalypt woodlands of south-west Western Australia and, most recently, the Pilbara.  You can see my career history and a list of my academic publications and invited presentations here.

After a decade and half as a research ecologist (and a great many days on my hands and knees in the dirt somewhere) I finally admitted that I was too much of a generalist omnivore, interested in too many things, to ever really thrive in the specialist niche of academia. So I sought out new habitat and I've worked as a science writer and editor since 2011.

I also write more creative pieces that explore nature, conservation, people and landscape. My work has been featured as part of ABC Radio National's Earshot documentary series Hot Summer Land.

I'm based in Perth, Western Australia, where I live not far from the ocean.

Email me to discuss how we can work together to share your research.

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Science Writer and Editor Perth Australia
Dr Viki Cramer
Freelance science writer specialising in ecology and the environment.
Ecologist - Science Communicator - Editor
Perth, Australia
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